Upper weakness

Hi everyone

I was diagnosed in 2017 and can relate to many symptoms people talk about. Symptoms that concern me are weakness and tightness to my upper body including my arms, trunk and shoulders after walking or movement. In fact my upper body is as weak as my lower body. Can anyone else relate to this.

Thanks christine

I meant to say I was diagnosed with ppmsin in 2016 if got a new tablet and it’s taking me ages to work it out hence my mistakes. Thanks

Hi Christine

Yes I can relate to that, my arms are weaker than ever, and even my neck as some days my head feels too heavy to hold up.

I am sorry I have no advice to help, but just to let you know you are not alone.

Pam x

Thanks Pam,

It makes sense that if muscles are weakened by ms then upper muscles would be affected also, but mainly read about lower limbs. However it’s reassuring that I’m not alone with this.

Thanks christine

Hi Christine,

Yes I’m the same too, you’re not alone. My lower limbs don’t work at all and my hands and arms are becoming less useful, but hey we still keep smiling :slight_smile:

Hello Christine

My right arm gets weaker as the day progresses. Always dropping things and tyeping at work means spell check is a must as my fingers don,t lift up and touch the wrong keys!! No advice apart from rest i’m afraid. But your are not alone

Christine, I have dreadful weakness on all my left hand side. Some sedentary exercise has helped me build up some strength. I now feel my right side beginning to get weaker when I do too much. I have an electric wheelchair now which has given me new freedom and optimism.

Best wishes, Steve. x