Weak wrists


It’s been a while since I posted anything on here because I’ve generally been well.

In the last couple of years I lost a lot of weight, about 4 stone. This was intentional and I’m very pleased that I’ve managed to keep the weight off. However, I’m alarmed at how thin and weak my wrists are. I know they would have got skinnier when I lost the weight but not this much. And weaker? I have constant numbness and weakness in both hands and fingers. I know that’s as a result of a previous relapse. But I’m wondering if the weak and thin wrists are also to do with my MS and if anyone else has had this? I’d feel stupid going to my GP and saying ‘why are my wrists so thin?’ but somehow I don’t feel as daft asking on here. Probably the anonymity.

Anyway. Any replies appreciated.



Thanks for that PB. Much appreciated.


Yep I have weak wrists too. Not due to planned weight loss I am afraid but rather the disappearance of muscle. I can tell the wrists are thinner and weaker because the hair tie that used to nip nicely at my wrist now hangs like a bangle and only nips half way to the elbow!

hi jake

ask if you can have physiotherapy because there may be a way to regain the strength in your wrists.

well done with the weight loss.

carole x

Thanks for your replies.

I never thought about physiotherapy. I’ll ask my MS Specialist Nurse at my next appointment.

Thanks again