Hi does any one have problems with a weak grip and aching hands

Hi Steven,

Everyone’s MS is different, but weakness - anywhere - is not an unusual problem, and neither is pain.

I see from your earlier posts you are undiagnosed. This should not form a barrier to treatment of pain, so if you are not already on anything, please ask about this.

I don’t think there is any drug that will help with strength. You could enquire about physio, to see if they can teach you exercises to strengthen and preserve your grip. If you are having difficulty with everyday tasks, you could also ask to be assessed by Occupational Therapy, to see if there are any tools or gadgets that may help you. Although you do not have to go through them - thanks to grip strength being a common problem for older people, as well as younger ones who aren’t well, gadgets for things like turning taps or opening jars are quite widely available to buy.

I keep meaning to get some myself, for the taps. Although I turn them on OK, I’m not so good at turning them off again. I don’t forget, but keep finding I’ve only turned them to a trickle, instead of completely off. As my water is metered, this is literally money down the drain. Sometimes I don’t find out until hours later, when I next go to the sink.


Hi Steven, my grip has become quite weak most of the time. Sometimes it is very weak. The hands don’t really ache though. I have to concentrate so hard when I’m carrying things as it feels as though I’m going to drop them after about 2 minutes.


Hi, they don’t get achy but i do get days where they are quite weak. means I drop things cos I don’t grip them properly and can’t do things like open times and unscrew bottle tops. I’m not dx yet either but finding that is just yet another symptom that piles on top of the others. Like Sharon said, there are gadgets to help, I am going to order myself some xx

Hi Steven,I have just gone back to my doctor because my hands have started hurting and becoming weak, I also drop things daily. Unfortunately I have carpal tunnel in my left hand but as I have had an operation for it in my right and that’s playing up I can’t be told it’s that. I have had an x-ray for arthritis as the pain was so bad and I have lumps and bumps on my fingers (not heberdens nodes). If it is not arthritis then it mean either my CFS/ME has progressed or I have RSI or something else. If RSI then OK I’m just incredibly unlucky. Generally though I think the picture needs to be overall not just confined to one area and so it’s quite difficult to say for certain that pain and weakness in hands would necessarily be MS related. The best thing to do is get the doctor to look them over as hands are so much in use and almost any muscular problem could affect them. I now do not take my hand health for granted, if they need rest they get it. Best of luck. Liz