Is there an aid/tool to help with weak hands/fingers?

Hey All,

I was wondering if anyone of you has been able to find a tool or aid that helps with the day-to-day problems of lack of finger strength. That’s for me particularly noticeable when I’m trying to fiddle open a pouch with a sealed strip, like resealable freezer bags, or trying to hold a very slippery pen.

I have been looking online and think I’ll get some bottle/jar opener tongues, some flat nose mini pliers to open the zip bags with, but haven’t found anything decent to slip over existing pens. I don’t fancy buying a whole new set of pens (as there are special pens for people with arthritis I could buy). The pencil sleeves for kids do not work as my pens have a slightly wider diameter.

Just thought I’d ask - what have you found that helped you with the weak finger strength, if you suffer from this?



Hi Karin

Do you have contact with a physio, who could help with exercises and perhaps point you in the direction of devices to strengthen weak muscles. as needed.

All the best


Thanks Boojum!

That´s interesting, does that mean that I can do something to make it better? I was kind of thinking and hearing from others that it’s a question of just having to live with it. What do you think? I can certainly get some physio help on this in that case! :slight_smile:



While getting a physio assessment is the best idea, some work with a squeeze ball and therapy putty should help.

You could use Dagon software, teaches you to speak not type.

Hi have you looked on the complete care shop website? they have loads of gadgets on there to make life easier. I have got a gadget to help open jars. bottles and ring pulls but I do struggle with grip seal bags. I know they sell loops that you can attach to your finger and a pen this will help you grip a pen while you are writing.