Feeling weaker as the day goes by

For about a week now I’ve been having problems with weak hands. I have to use plastic cups because I have difficulty lifting pottery mugs. Sometimes I have trouble making a fist - my fingers won’t grip hard. I am increasingly dependent on my Kindle for reading, or a book stand to hold print books.

This morning when I got up, I felt better. My hands seemed stronger, I could make a fist and I thought about using pottery mugs again. By late morning things were as bad as before. A pottery mug wasn’t an option, I can’t make a fist and I have trouble holding print books.

Has anyone else had problems with strength deteriorating during the day? My legs seem to get weaker as well, but I’m largely sedentary so I’m not sure whether that’s related to my hand trouble. Is there anything I can do about weak hands? I have seen gadgets to improve grip strength. When I tried one my right hand barely moved it and my left hand didn’t move it at all! Hubby had no problems with either hand.

Sounds all too familiar to me Cheerful. I have to use a straw nowadays, 1 because I can’t swallow very well & because I cannot lift a heavy cup or glass. I have got RA as well but it’s definitely the weakness that’s the worst. I don’t have any recommendations I’m afraid, it’s what I describe as wilting as the day progresses, I’ve had this quite a long time now, so I’m used to it I suppose. Sorry I’m no help, Tracey xx

I was given some therapy putty by an OT in the neurological rehab unit. They come with exercises to try to improve strength in your hands. It might be worth a go. The only thing I would say is do an exercise once then stop. Repetitions can make the problem worse in the short term. So it’s a case of doing it little bit by little bit. Some days my hands feel a bit stronger, other days I’ve thought I need to do less reps.

The brand is called Theraputty and is available from my favourite on line ‘sells everything’ store. It comes in different colours, the yellow is the softest so best for weedy hands like mine. Actually I’ve just seen that there is an extra soft one, which is beige. Better off with that colour I think. Have a look at

I’ve just decided to order the extra soft one for me. So thanks for the question Cheery Dragon. Having pathetic hands is a sod. Legs we can deal with, but eating like a chimp is a bit embarrassing and I know I’ve always said that I don’t do embarrassment any more, but throwing cutlery all over the place is no joke. I actually carry a small light fork with elastic bands round the handle in my handbag for restaurants where I can’t manage the cutlery.

And I woke up this morning and thought ‘my right hand doesn’t hurt too much at the moment’. But basically I’ve done b*gger all and now it bloddy hurts, especially my little finger.


I agree that legs are less of an issue. I have a variety of aids to help with getting around. Weak hands are a problem because I need them for so many pastimes. I haven’t been able to knit recently because of this problem. That Theraputty looks interesting. I may treat myself to some, or something similar. Thanks for the tip.