Weakness and shakiness

Recently I’ve been feeling shaky and I’ve had so little strength that I can’t even lift a pottery mug of tea. I can’t walk very far and I’m glad we have a downstairs toilet as I have trouble getting up the stairs. Sometimes I have to go up on all fours.

I’ve had similar feelings of shakiness before. They’ve been pseudo relapses and they’ve only lasted for a day, sometimes less. They haven’t been accompanied by this level of weakness. This has lasted several days and I’m wondering if it’s a ‘proper’ relapse. I hope it isn’t because currently I am unable to do a lot of things I enjoy like reading and knitting.


could this be a relapse?

have you possibly got a UTI?

get your urine checked for infection because it’s amazing how bad these can make us feel.

if it is a proper relapse your doctor may prescribe steroids for it.

good luck and happy new year

carole x

i am going thru the same at moment mine started xmas day and felt bad ever since i dont know if its the start of a relapse or just a few bad weeks which i seem to get at times,only time will tell,what i do know is xmas time and january are bad for me,i don’t like this time of year at all ,plus i have had a really stressfull year last year so i suspect its that.

J x

I get weakness and shakyness, I have also replaced most of my pottery with plastic/picnic cups and plates just for those days. I hate spilling my tea and I just can’t lift them sometimes in the pottery cups. Mine tends to come when I have done too much or not rested when the whole world and his dog inside my body is telling me to. It was scary at first, but for me it is usually a sign that I need to rest properly. Again, for me this can mean up to three days in bed more or less then I am like a spring chicken. It has taken some years to recognise what is a daily thing, what it means for me and if it is a change in long term symptoms.

Things that have helped me for the random days when I look like I am in recovery, large socks so I can slip them on when I have no grip, plastic large cups, a large cup with twist lid and non spill straw inside, special grip knives and forks, non slip mats from the pound shop to rest everything on, clothes without buttons or zips. Sounds simple but the small things have really made a difference. I had to replace nearly all of my wardrobe when this business first started. If I see a floaty top without buttons, its mine! Oh forgot, really good garden shoes that have a grip and fasten with the sticky stuff, for when I think I can just pop out and would nearly fall on my ---- if I hadn’t got those on.

On the plus side for me, I have had a very quiet Christmas with few interruptions or visitors and although it has been quite solitary, to be quite honest, it has done me the power of good. I have rested, showered, read, watched tv, gone in the garden and just enjoyed the rested atmosphere once the big day was over.

I spent two years going upstairs on all fours before I moved. Adjusting is hard and there is no guide book. I agree with MrsJ, this time of year is a nightmare, I tend to be a shivering wreck by the end of January, no wonder the winter animals hibernate.

Thanks for all the advice.

I already have a number of plastic cups that I bought some years ago when I had a bad relapse. I may have to get some different cutlery for times like this. Plates aren’t so much of an issue.

This evening Hubby put a plate of food in front of me and I barely had the strength to eat it. I had been planning to start regular exercise this week, but I’ll have to put that on hold till my current problems clear up.


i have literally just posted with the same symptoms though not as bad as you with so much weakness. I am wondering if this is stress due to Christmas etc., (my mum is also poorly with cancer). A bit of a coincidence for it to affect so many of us at the same time maybe?

i hope we all feel better really soon, don’t want to see neuro nurse in case she wants me to have an MRI (claustrophobic)

happy, healthier new year everyone

sue x

Carole mentioned steroids if this is an actual relapse. I knew they’re meant to help, but my experience with oral steroids some years ago make me reluctant to take them again. I had dreadful heartburn because nobody advised me to take the steroids with food. I was given a couple of other tablets to take at the same time, a diuretic and a potassium tablet, if memory serves. The cocktail caused severe sleep problems - I got about two hours sleep per night. I was walking round like a zombie by the time I finished the course of tablets.

I’ve done nothing since 27th December. Christmas hasn’t been stressful, just me and Hubby. I’d have thought that a week of doing nothing would be enough to get over the shopping we did that day.

I have to go for a blood test tomorrow. I’m not looking forward to it because I’ll have to walk there. I’ll be walking slowly and I’ll give myself a lazy day to get over it when I get back, but it’s not going to help with whatever is wrong with me.

I’m happy to say that I’m feeling much better today.

Hubby was able to give me a lift to the doctor yesterday. Walking back (less than half a mile) took 20 minutes! That was the first time I’d left the house since 27th December and I’m suffering from cabin fever. If it takes nine days to recover from a day out, I have to decide whether a bit of window shopping (possibly with retail therapy) is worth the effort. Basically it’s a choice between living and existing. Not much of a choice, is it?

The past few months have been a bit stressful in my household and I certainly feel as if hibernation would be a great help…I have to really force myself to wake up. I could literally sleep all day and if not sleep have no energy to get up.

This has gone on for quite a time and follows what I am sure was a relapse some time back.

The shakiness has not left me and I also struggle to find the energy to eat even when it is put infringement of me.

Others find it really hard to understand this level of fatigue but most of us go through it short or long term.

Hope you perk up soon.