New limbs affected?

Ok so I know that to be a relapse you have to have a new symptom and it has to last more than 24 hours but am confused with this one.


After a relapse last year I was left with a weak right leg and left arm. These would both tire at the drop of a hat and still do but for the past week my "good" leg and arm have now become sore, weak and have a tremor in my arm.


This has scared me a little as I always joked that at least I still had a good one of each left. My arm is the worst. The muscles are sore and feel like I have done a major workout. If I try and hold something I can't as it's too weak plus it keeps shaking while holding things so think its a tremor.


I am seeing my neuro on Wednesday but and reluctant to tell him as it could be a flare up of a previous lesion? Could it?

Can a flare up of an old relapse cause symptoms in a new place?


Sorry for the rambling, don't really know what I am asking happy


Thanks Lindsay x


Hi Lindsay,

Sorry, but I think new symptoms are always the product of new lesions. If it was old lesions playing up, the symptoms should recur in the same place they were before.

Either way, why are you reluctant to tell the neuro? I must admit, I tend to drop really trivial things from the list, as I usually only get about two minutes with him. But major new symptoms isn’t trivial.


Hi Lindsay,

Sorry to hear about the new symptoms. I agree with Tina that you should tell your neurologist about your current issues.

And on an optimistic note, just because last year's relapse left behind weakness in an arm and leg it doesn't mean that this or any future relapse will have a permanent effect on your symptoms.

I'm having a relapse at the moment so really sympathise with you and hope it bu**ers off soon





Thanks for your replies.

I don't know why I don't want to tell him. I think it's because he usually downplays everything and I don't want to feel stupid.


I have a list I am taking with me, it has all my symptoms on it and he did look at one last time so fingers crossed he will again.


Another thing makes me think I am relapsing is the fatigue. I get this every day but when I am having a relapse I literally can no stay awake and I have been like that for the past couple of days.


Lindsay x