Advice on relapses please

Hi everyone.

I’m still not diagnosed (MRI in 2 weeks time but the specialists are certain it’s MS going on different tests/family history so far)

For the past 4 weeks I have been experiencing symptoms down my right side - numbness, pain, pins/needles in my arm & leg. I’ve had days where I haven’t really been able to walk because my right leg just doesn’t feel strong enough.

I finished a 10 day course of steroids last weekend, which I don’t think were of any benefit because they didn’t help me at all. In fact I’d go as far as say I’ve gradually been getting worse with new symptoms - mainly horrible neck pain/stiffness. But the neurologist thought it best to give me the steroids in case this is a relapse I’m experiencing.

However, this evening I’ve started experiencing pain & numbness in my left arm now.

What I’m wondering is can this happen with a relapse? Like its been entire right side symptoms & now all of a sudden my left arm is starting to go funny?? Since this is new to me, I (foolishly?) thought that a relapse would only cause symptoms down one side of my body. I guess I’m worrying now that it’s now 4 weeks since this started happened & I’m now getting new symptoms down the other side of my body. I just don’t know how a relapse works, if this kind of thing is normal in a relapse. I’ve had similar things like this happen me a few times in the last year but it has always been right side of the body symptoms. I’m actually panicking now that my left arm is funny. :frowning:

I’d really appreciate if any of you could leave a comment describing how your relapses work so I can understand more.

Thanks x

Try not to worry, what you’re experiencing sounds like a relapse.

A relapse can happen anywhere on your body, not always in the same place. When I used to have relapses I’ve had them affecting more or less every part of my body…eyes, legs/feet, arms, hand/fingers, trunk, buttocks, face…& so on! I found that a relapse usually began gradually, got to a peak, then gradually faded away but not completely, usually a ‘residue’ was left.

Everyone varies so much but I found that a relapse, from start to finish, would last anything from 4wks. to 4mths. but just remember that everyone is different, so please don’t panic! Any symptoms you have now will fade.

Sorry the steroids didn’t help you, sometimes the benefits aren’t apparent immediately.

Good luck

Rosina x