weakness getting worse

Hi evertone,

Im trying to work out what exactly i am expereincing. When i use my left arm to wash my face or apply cream i feel my arm goes very heavy and i cant use my fingers properly. Im not sure if this is weakness or a lack of feeling…maybe its both.

Has anyone else expereinced this…its not just with washing my face but any task that requires stregth from my arm and hand and in paticular when my arm is raised.



Yes, I find it’s worse if I’ve been busy the day before. Like today. Yesterday I was on the allotment weeding ( in my own slow way) and sorting out the garden here as things are being moved, new pond going in etc. then , today, I gets up and my left arm was useless. It felt dead, but not. Almost a ‘distan’ feeling. My left leg was the same. So all you can do is take it easy and hopefully feeling will come back and strength will pick up too. If you’ve not ,mentioned it to your doc, I would just so he knows what’s going on xx