My arms suddenly don't feel like they belong to me.............can anyone relate?

I’ve just had to run out and bring my washing in thanks to a sudden hail downpour and my arms became really sore and weak very quickly.

Now that I am back inside, my arms feel weird as if they are not mine. Every movement feels like a struggle, as if my muscles are having to work harder than usual to move them. They feel really clumsy, as do my hands and fingers.

Does this happen to anyone else?

not with my arms. i dont think these knees belong to me!

when i first get out of bed my knees are really weird!

ah well!

carole x

Yes, familiar. I’ve spent years battling with this and in the end it’s what led to a career direction change.


Interesting you should mention this iv noticed the same problem at work tonight while putting things on high selves. Unfortunately for me its not the only thing I have noticed. Here we go again me thinks.

Maybe not exactly the same but I get times where it feels like my arms are missing from my elbow to my wrist…

My arms are worse than my legs,and they won`t work at all sometimes.Try to be conscious of your movements,gentle and slow is best.

My problems are in my hands and my right arm. I know exactly what you mean. My right arm feels as though it’s made from lead sometimes, particularly if I have been using my arm above shoulder height. Sometimes it feels sohavy that I want to wear a sling to carry it in!

i dont get it with my arms but i get a wierd feeling with my legs where if i lie down too long then they feel like they have disapeared, my brain tells me my legs have gone but my eyes tell me they are there so i end up whacking my legs to make sure they havent ran off on me

yes im with you i get this a lot my arms are constantly heavy cant do clothes shopping because of looking through rails is so hard affects everything from brushing my hair to cutting up food xx sami

Yes, me too,m I’ve had this for the last 3 months (it’s been classed as a relapse), I suspect it’s here to stay. Try to relax, I lay in bed on my back, with arms slightly out and to the sides. Has required kicking hubbie into spare bedroom though, so not good. If I end up turning over and sleeping on side, my arms are next to useless. I’m also trying stretching exercises everyday; it can be hard but I feel I have to try something!

Best wishes