strange feeling

Hi all. A couple of days ago I moved a small ottoman stall 2ft across the room. It was empty so was really light. when I put it down I had a very weird feeling in my arms. I had sharp pains in my arms, pins and needles and then my arms felt very heavy. It has never happened before.

Hi deb.74

How long have you been diagnosed with ms? It’s a tricky business that throws random feelings at you at will. No rhyme or reason.

It might be spasms…they used to affect my arms with certain movements.x

I get spasms in my legs quite often but this was really weird. It was a very sharp in my arms then they started to go numb and feel heavy. It is hard to explain. It might have been a spasm. I have never had them in my arms. I was diagnosed a few months ago and I have found it can throw all sort of weird things at you.