arms feel like deadweights

Does anyone ever feel like there limbs are really heavy like as if they have weights attatched? My arms are feeling like this at the moment and my upper arm feels really tight and hurts when I try and move or lift. Feels like I've had ten rounds in a boxing ring with Mike Tyson.



Sounds horrible hope it doesn’t past long. I just feel like my belly is a dead weight but that’s not ms lol

Hello Reemz,

In short YES, arms feel like I have been carrying heavy shopping.

Then there is the tight band feeling around lower arms, muzzy gloves on too.

Neuro said left shoulder abduction a grade 1 and incomplete…elbow extension also weak, whatever that means. Yet I have never had a shoulder injury.

Hope you get some improvement soon


Yes I walk round feeling like a toddler is hanging onto each leg. 

I would hate it in my arms so I really feel for you


Thank you everyone :-)

Yes it's not the best. Worst thing is I need my hands for my job. I've been trying to get away will bending at the elbows instead of raising my arms at the shoulder as thats the bit that feels the worst.

PollyP - the sensation of having carried heavy shopping around is exactly what it feels like. Apart from I can't rermember having done anything like that to have made my arms feels like this.

Toddlers round the legs doesn't sound too great either. Kind of sounds like trying to walk through quicksand... not pleasant.

Hope the sensation passes soon.

Can't wait to get home - and maybe try putting a hot water bottle on them or lying in a bath if that doesn't make the other symptoms to worse.