Heavy feeling

Hi all,

Hope today is one of the better ones for all.

Just wanted to ask if you have experience of feeling deadweight down one side ?

Feels really heavy but also sort of numb…difficult to explain as obviosly not numb or I wouldn’t feel the heaviness.

This is dragging me down.

Thanks in advance, Ell

I have a heaviness feeling in both legs up to the knees feels like i’ve got 2 ice wellies on, and my right arm feels forever weighty, and makes the balance seem one sided, so can understand this. It’s a real ball ache to put up with haha.

Hi Ell

This was one of my first symptoms 12 years ago.

Where is your heaviness exactly.

My legs are always heavy and numb and I get the heavy numb feeling around my torso (MS Hug). I take Gabapentin, Baclofen and Amitriptyline which really help.

Are you on any meds?

Shazzie xx