Heavy leg/pain in leg

Hi all,

I’ve woken up with my left leg feeling very heavy and painful in my thigh. I can still walk without difficulty. It’s more annoying than anything. Do you think this is MS related or just a coincidence. I’ve been diagnosed for 6 years and currently on plegridy. I am pretty well generally so I am praying it’s not a downturn in my health. I have an appt with my neurologist tomorrow for my yearly check up so will mention it to him then but I’m just worried i’m deteriorating.


Hi! It could well be down to your MS but may be something completely unrelated. Go and see your neurologist with an open mind and hopefully whatever it is might wear off. Worry gets you nowhere very fast! I now just try and listen to my body…maybe it’s just trying to ask you to slowdown a little. Hope all goes well at your appt. :relaxed: