heavy painful legs

Hi ive recently been diagnosed with MS latley i have had really painful legs its like they are really heavy as if im walking through sand and now its starting in my hands i was wondering if anyone else has had the same problems ive been put on codeine but it isnt working and its getting hard to get around.

on another note has anyone else been made to feel like its all in your head and people go oh ive had that before or everyone has that. is it me or do other people find this irratating.

Hi, I think a lot of people with MS, myself included, understand exactly what you mean about walking through sand. I think if it’s really impeding your day to day activites you need to speak to your GP and or MS nurse (assuming you have one?) There are probably more effective drugs you could be perscribed and maybe ask about being referred to neuro-physio, it can help to strengthen the muscles.

I have definitley had people making comments about MS, ranging from ‘oh, hope you get over it soon’ to ‘Was that from poor diet?’ It does wind me up, but quite often i find these comments are made from ignorance and not meant to be mallicious, just peoples way of trying to relate to me. Now i just smile and nod, then scream into a pillow at home!

Please excuse my poor spelling, my brain is on stike today :slight_smile:

Laura x

Hi, I get this. It is horrible. I find ordinary painkillers do nothing if it’s nerve pain. There are better drugs out there for this. As Laura says, your gp should be able to give you something more apropriate if it is. Sara x