Worry :(

Hi guys ,

I’m feeling pretty low at the moment. Over the last few days I’ve become as weak as a kitten.

Both my arms and legs are affected and I’m really starting to struggle.

I’m thankfully seeing my neurologist tomorrow but I’m worried sick about losing the use of my arms and legs.

How do you cope with the worry and uncertainties ?


hi june

how long have you had ms for?

i’m nearly 9 years now.

i cope with the uncertainty by being forgetful! (really works)

by drinking gin! (also really works)

by distracting myself.

it is horrible when you feel weak but it may only be temporary.

treat yourself to something nice.

mark out your space and hold a pity party for yourself.

you can have jelly and ice cream, gin!!, whatever you like.

even cake.

hope you feel better soon and hope that your neurologist gives you help.

carole x



Telly, books, this forum, Facebook… Anything that will stop me thinking about the thing…

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Losing the use of my legs doesn’t worry me as much as losing the use of my arms, although I accept that there’s more to legs than just walking. I don’t want to think about the changes we’d have to make to our house if I ever end up in a wheelchair! Weak arms do bother me. I bless the inventors of Kindle every time I’m too weak to hold a book, and I curse every time I’m too weak to hold my knitting.

I cope with weak arms by finding light weight alternatives, or aids to help me. Kindle is great, as I said, but I also have book stands so I can still read books I already have. I have plastic mugs that I use when I can’t manage pottery ones. If you don’t like the idea of plastic, bone china is lighter than pottery but can be expensive. I haven’t had to replace my cutlery - yet - but I know that light weight, easy grip cutlery is available (at a price).

But as much as anything, I cope by having a very caring and understanding husband. I try to find something to make me smile on days when weakness gets me down. This site helps.


Hi , I’ve actually just had my diagnosis today, he said yes it’s MS :frowning:

I can’t stop shaking, even though I’d already been told MS was the likely diagnosis.

Thanks for the tips Carole xx

That’s my worry too, losing the use of both my arms and legs :frowning:

I have my kindle too, it’s a god send!

Thank you for the tips

Poor you :frowning:

It’s hard to take in and get your head round. Take a few deep breaths. Cry, shout, rant as much as you need to. Give yourself time. Be kind to yourself. Buy yourself a present :slight_smile:

Best wishes x

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Hi June,

It may be that the recently warm weather affects you. Many people with MS say that their symptoms get worse when they get warm.

Try and stay out of the sun, cool showers and a light or no duvet at night.

For instant cooling buy Magicool, a spray that makes you feel very, very cool.

Best wishes,


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