Stiff painful hands

Hi all, well since being dx 23/10 i thought well i feel quite well just a bit of shoulder pain. The last 2 days

though my hands are getting stiff and more painful and i’m not sure if this is a symptom. Advise plz

Sonia x

There was a thread recently and it is the bane of many of our lives.

Baclofen helps to a degree with me,I am guessing by your new dx that anything rheumy was ruled out.

My ms nurse told me I could go to OT who do hand related stuff but it was generally just using one of those stress balls so I gave that a miss. I await with the impending sense of doom any replies that really help…I will try anything so I sympathise with you, but other than baclofen I can’t help…sorry


It’s tricky to know what is and isn’t a symptom so the best place to start is your GP’s. Let them have a look and see if it is your joints or your muscles that are causing the problem. If it’s your muscles, then baclofen may be a good option. If the GP is useless (so many are!!!), then get in touch with your MS nurse - they may be more helpful.

Karen x