fed up

This pain in my left wrist/hand/fingers is making me cry now. Have made an appointment with the Dr this afternoon :’-(

Hope he is able to give you something to help. I can’t offer any advice really just wanted to reply to show support. Jan x

Thankyou Jan, just having someone respond makes all the difference. X

Reading the posts of this forum makes me realise how little I know about the condition I have had for over twenty years. People who are waiting for diagnosis know more than me so the only input I can offer is about the things that effect me. Fortunately for me I generally don’t suffer pain, extreme discomfort yes but not the kind of pain that is affecting you at the moment. I want to say try Ibuprofen but I guess you’ve been down that (over the counter painkiller) route already. Good luck with the doc. Jan x

Been given Acupan for the pain and more Amitriptyline. Also have got to chase up ms nurse to see about starting Baclofen…??. What’s that for??? :-\

Hope the doc can sort something out Amitriptyline helped me when I was getting hurty legs that seems to have passed now lets hope you Hurties go away thats my sad face for people with hurty hands and here is a flower for you to cheer you up


I take Baclofen I was prescribed it a few years back to prevent muscle spasm. I don’t know if the spasms would come back if I stopped taking it but I’m not risking it. Hope the pain eases for you now. Jan x