I need help Please!

Hi everyone,

I’m desperate and ashamed of that statement knowing how things are for so many of you.

I’m in so much pain and it’s upper body predominantly although my right leg is also very painful too. I have been on gabapentin since December, very low dosage but gradually (very gradually) increasing. I’m still on only about 800mg’s a day and there’s been no difference in the pain level. If anything it’s worse.

Movement is becoming more and more restricted because of the pain and I’m experiencing incredibly intense shooting pains in my neck, arms, chest and shoulders. It’s all so much worse at night and I’m not getting any real sleep because of it all. I feel like I’m laying on iron bars with points boring into my shoulder blades with an iron bar instead of my chest.

I’m desperate for some relief. If anyone can help I’d be so grateful

Thank you


Hi Trudie, I’d go and speak to your GP and ask to increase your dose or change to something else, I didn’t find Gabapentin worked for me, but Amitrtiptyline was much better. Hope you find some relief soon, keep asking for help until you get what you need.

Take care x

Please do not apologise - pain is totally debilitating and horrible and it’s a serious matter and can affect quality of life as much as anything else can.

I have nothing to suggest except to support amylou’s suggestion that you seek urgent help from your GP or (better still, if you have one) your MS nurse or neurologist to see about a change in dose/medication. If you suffer in silence they will assume you are doing OK. Please do seek help to get you out of this exhausting cycle of pain and sleeplessness.

I hope you get some relief soon.


Hi Trudie, yes see your gp, now I have to say I do not suffer from pain like this so can’t really advise but have you ever tried a TeNS machine, google it, it may be worth a go. Cheryl:)

Thanks I will do as suggested, thank you for responding