So tired !

Hi everybody today i am feeling really tired again.everything seems just too much for me.I am so fed upof feeling like this has any of you wonderful people out there got any advice for this horrible tiredness.I have so much pain at the moment and i can,t sleep properly any more.I will be seeing my nuro at the end of March so i wondered if there was anything in particular i could ask her to put me on.At the moment i have amotryptoline sorry if spelling wrong can,t seem to get my thoughts together.I,m just so tied and the shakes are getting worse.Any advice would be appreciated.

all my best to everyone out there.


Not sure I would wait until the end of March if things are so bad. Can you give your MS nurse a call and ask for a change in meds or in dose? Or maybe your GP can help? What you need depends on what the cause of the pain is though - if it's neuropathic (e.g. burning, shooting pains, etc) then something like a higher dose of amitriptyline or pregabalin or gabapentin might help, but if it's muscular then you may need a muscle relaxant like baclofen.


If you get your pain under control, your sleep should improve so that your fatigue is not so bad. If the fatigue stays bad despite your sleep getting better, then perhaps the neuro would prescribe you something for it - worth asking!


Good luck!

Karen x