painful hands and feet

Hi all I’ve had MS for 13 years so I thought I knew all I could know but lately I’ve been having pain in my finger joints especially my thumbs and my wrists and also in my toes and ankles too. Its what I would imagine having arthritis would feel like but at 29 I would imagine I’m too young for it to be that. Does anyone else have these types of symptoms?

I’ve had ms sivde last June and after my November relapse my hands and feet get stiff but think it’s from weAkness ANC they go stiff when I’ve done more than I should Not sure really in still learning x

I am having a lot of stiffness and pain especially in my left hand. Sometimes my hand/ wrist goes into spasm which is incredibly painful. I also suffer with the top of my right foot, the pain feels like I’ve broken it and I’m unable to bear weight as it hurts so much. My ms nurse decided I needed to have Baclofen to try and calm the spasms. It’s helping a little bit but not as much as I’d like. Hope you’re sorted soon. x