stiffness in hands


for two weeks my right hand has become incredibly stiff and painful (as though it has been plunged into boiling water). After 12 years of RRMS this symptom has occurred a few times, but never stayed this way for more than a week (following 5 days of cortisone treatment). My question is, has anyone else experienced this type of symptom, and is it something that happens before a proper spastic occurs? I have been taking Aubagio for a year, under the impression that it will reduce the recurrences of symptoms.


Stiff “muffled” hands were the very first symptoms I had way way before finding out I had MS, probably 7 or 8 years prior.

But also the problem with my hands is now more obvious since being diagnosed.

I can usually tell if my mobility is going to play up even more because a couple of days prior to this my hands will get this tight, gloved sort of feeling, my fingers go stiff and the dexterity when using them is almost zero.

Thanks for your reply. That is exactly the feeling I have. My doc is doing a “Hand Messung” (German for “Hand measurement”) today. She says pain isn’t an MS symptom, which I find difficult to understand. All the websites Ive looked at list pain as an accompanying symptom. Stiffness is so bad that I can barely use a knife, use zips, anything requiring fine motor skills. It is a right pain!

I had problems with my hands for a couple of years. At first my doctor thought it was arthiris. At its worst i couldn’t straighten my fingers. It is so frustrating. I really used to struggle when I was working because my fingers were always cramping up!

It is definatley a symptom of ms. I should have mentioned how much pain I was in!