We are the hope..

We are the hope; I’ve been getting up to date since my week away. I’d actually like to shout out that we are the hope, there’s a whole load of crap/negativity/sadness and despair BUT here you get sense and support Take care guys, we are the gang maybe not the gang you want to be part of but we are here.M

Hey I’d rather be in this gang than some of the others out there!

Just watched a great little moving called ‘Shopgirl’… 2005 but I’d never heard of it. Really lovely rom-com. I’ve got Lovefilm Instant now so can sit here with my nifty laptop and watch movies to my heart’s content.

I’ve become a rom-com fan in my old age…

So glad you got your smileys back M…

We are the hope hon, how right you are.

Pat x

You’re right, as a newbie I think this is a fantastic resource with the nicest most positive and supportive members. The only gang I’d ever love to be a member of. Keep out up, it’s very reassuring that you’re not alone when your body does the strangest things.

Take care everyone. My first smiley!

Cath xx

Hi I posted with a message of appreciation for all the members saying I was so grateful for your support but it’s vanished into a moderators box, but just need to say thank you to you all for all you do and that I would be extremely proud to join your gang.

Take care, you definitely have given me a lot of hope in a stressful situation.

Cath x

I love old rom-coms, I watched ‘African Queen’ I love happy endings. I watched Andy Murray, my poor heart was thumping AND I got my happy ending for yesterday. We are a great gang take care, be safe M We are the hope x

I think my favourite old rom-com is ‘The Philadelphia Story’ & even like the remake ‘High Society’.

But yes ‘African Queen’ is wonderful… and very moving.

Keep cool gang…

Pat x

Thanks hon… and we’re proud to have you in the gang Cath.

Pat x

This is a great gang - M and Pat you are right! It’s So good to have you in the gang Cath! Teresa xx

All of you have made coping with my diagnosis so much easier and I’m honoured to be part of this gang. Thanks.

Ditto so many of the above comments!

When I feel naffed off with it all, I come any sit on the bed with the laptop and am reminded I’m not alone in this. I have the most amazing husband and family BUT it really helps to talk to people that are in it, this situation!

That hateful situation where you can no longer trust and rely upon your body to do what you want it to and those ‘little surprises’ when it does something random like shaking when you’re doing something simple, frighten you. Ooops, sorry, am feeling pretty low right now :wink:

Glad there is a gang and feel like I need you all (especially to take my mind off the scary amount of paperwork I suddenly need to complete).

Sonia x

Hang on in there Sonia… we are all holding your hand.

Pat x

Yes - hold on Sonia. Some days are better than others but, on the whole you will manage! Teresa xx

Thank you xx

Sonia I’m feeling for you as I’ve just been diagnosed and trying to sort out mortgage, car insurance, DVLA, benefits, meeting with employers, supporting family and friends as well as life in general is stressful, just what the Neuro told me to avoid.Getting there though. Just the ESA novel to write now. Wishing you patience and perseverance.

Cath x

We are the hope I am delirious with joy another tennis ref. sorryWe manage, get by and have each otherM