New short film about being diagnosed with MS


This is a rather sweet and yet accurate portrayal of some of the feelings around being diagnosed with MS. Nicely acted and filmed, well worth watching



What a great short film. I think I may actually send the link to some of my friends and family to see as it is sometimes hard to tell the closest to us how we really feel.

Thanx for sharing Belinda.


I quite liked it right up until she got all mushy at the end! LOL! pukes If only real life was like that. eh?

awww bless. I shed a tear when he was in the scanner. bought back memories x

Awwww…I was really really touched by this.

When he was playing football and he was disorientated, it seemed to sum up how I feel and how difficult it is to explain to others when to all else I can look well.

Loved it, thank you

Mandymoo xx

This film made me feel funny, i felt like i was watching myself, it scared me :frowning: but very good for raising awareness, i may share it on my FB wall.