Together whatever..

Together whatever AND there is hope…

Sometimes reading these ‘post’ make me want to cry. MS is a hellish disease, people feel alone and cast aside in a sea of no hope BUT there is hope and don’t give up. My way is to fight, YES this takes up energy , I don’t care. Everyone has to deal with this monster in their own way BUT we are here ‘together whatever’. There is hope, its out there be as positve as you can OR this hellish thing wins!! Take care, M

Hi, I know some folk are sick of hearing keep positive. That is for them to decide, as it is for others who are able to think positive.

My way of getting through with this monster living with me, is to accept the fact that there is no cure, nor treatment for PPMS.

However I have sought the help of anyone who can help make life a bit easier and safer.

OTs are the most wonderful people who have helped me no end.

My home is looking more and more like a nursing home, but all this stuff helps me and my hubby.

Wheelchairs are my legs…without them I would be bedbound/housebound. Many folk deny their need for mobility aids and in doing so risk injury and continue to feel dreadfully fatigued.

luv Pollx

Can only agree with both of you. Yes keep your head above water. Use everything you can to make your life easier. Keep reminding yourself that life is for living… even when that life is restricted you are still living it.

Pat x

I agree with what you all say but don’t you find that sometimes other people make it hard in the way they behave towards you? If you have a visible disability you suddenly become a non-person. I think perhaps people feel they will catch your disability from you! Even my own father who saw me with a stick for the first time yesterday said sneeringly ‘look at you,old lady!’, I’m 46. The number of people who, rather than step aside for me when I’m out shopping but, on the contrary just keep coming are numerous. Anyway, rant over. Teresa xx

Hi folks

Teresa’s sometimes its embarrassment OR it’s not easy to see his daughter hit by this hellish disease!! Just a thought and hey! we welcome rants I miss my old one, it’s nearly Christmas and we are in this ‘together whatever’. When someone makes a negative comment I straighten my back and walk/wobble proud with my stick, I know a wheelchair is there when I need it. It’s a sensitive problem and lots of people simply don’t get it.

Take care, have a good day, M

l bravely walked into the village pub for their Christmas quiz night - taken the trouble to get all glammed up. So what do l do - trip in the doorway and stumble into everyone. l just smiled and announced ‘See, l do all my own stunts’. Some of the folk in there had only seen me dashing around the village on my Tramper with the dogs - now they know why.


Did you get any questions right?

I had previously warned you about strong drink!!!

Did well in the quiz - we scored 68 - which placed us 4th - but lst place was only 71 - so well chuffed. All proceeds went to the Air Ambulance Fund.

l went out with my lovely rottie [complete with his 'comic antlers] round the village visiting neighbours and my old mum. Any car passing by waved and tooted at us. He was really proud of them - and has been wearing them again today. He is not far off the size of a small deer. This was the first year my daughter did not dress up her pony- ride out to see friends. l think she has decided she is too old for such larks.