hello gang!

Hi fellow PPMSers...found my way to you on this even newer set up...just wanna say hi.


I`ve posted on EL re my hoist......not greatest news I ever had!


luv Pollx

Hi Sweetie... just read your post on EL. YES the MSS had certainly better cough up with cost or I'll be round there to read them the riot act.

Fingers crossed (except that I have one finger that's doing a never-ending jig at moment... scared... )


Hope you doing ok Poll. This 'mark 2' model seems ok. 


Pat xx

Hi Pat, not sure how to reply…is it right that I click on quote?

Anyway, ta for your reply and offer of thuggery to sort `em out!

Shall we run em over in our scooters? ont fancy blood and guts on me wheels thio`.

luv Pollx

Oh you should definitely run 'em over in your scooters and just for me can you also run over able bodied people who take disabled parking spaces and people who say stupid and clumsy things about your symptoms like "you need to pull yourself together" or "I have a pain in my back too". I'd be happy to clean your wheels.




I have visions of us becoming a mobility scooter gang. We could wear hoodies and have gang colours... hang out together in large numbers intimidating the able bodied people. Would make a great comedy sketch actually. We could sing that song from West Side Story... When you're a Jet... and click our fingers... except we need a name... the MOBS... 

I really need to get out more... evilLaugh

Pat x

Hi Sarah, thanks for your endless support…you`re a true bud (as are all of my buds…better not upset anyone, eh?)

I think Polls Angels sounds fab. Where we gonna meet tho?

Filled in my book for MS grant application.

luv POllx

Hi Sarah, hubby hand delivered the form today. Chap answered the door slowly…on crutches…his wife is the local M support officer…he has MS.

He said she would see to it when she got home from work…guess she will…fingers crossed, eh?

luv Polllx