It's very quiet on here.

Where is everyone? is the good weather keeping you all away?

It has been a beautiful day today but I've been in the house, working ( I work on line).

I hope it's still sunny tomorrow cos then I'll be out, probably go down the beach and drive along the prom

on my scooter.

Hope everyone is enjoying the nice weather.


Lynne xx


Hi Lynne, it is quiet today!

My day started badly... felt terrible and I thought I was in for a whole day of it.

But went to lunch club downstairs where I live (sheltered) which we have once a week and today was fish and chips (YUM). Then I sat in the sunny garden and chatted for a while. Then a few of us watched the film 'The African Queen'... a little film club which I run once a fortnight (and I get to choose the films lol), then I did some laundry (again on-site free launderette), and now I'm sitting up in bed about to watch a couple of things on iplayer that I missed this week...

SO what started as a bad day has turned out to be a good day, and you can't ask for better than that! happy2

Enjoy your day tomorrow. I envy you living by the sea!

Pat x

Hi, I keep trying to help make the PPMS board busy.

luv Pollx

Hi Liverbird… sorry you got no responses. You posted as a reply to another post so sort of got lost. I’m sending you a PM (private message).

Pat x

Hey Liverbird

When I am feeling low I don't keep an eye on this board or anything else really, sorry about that.  3 wheeled gismo OR even 4 wheeled gismo with a shopping bag!! Just an idea... Take care, Mthumbsup

Glad your day got better Pat, it must be good to know that there are people to talk to, if you want some company.

We are lucky to live near the sea, it’s the North East coast so we get some windy days where the sea is rough but this week it’s been lovely, I felt like I’d gone to Spain it was so hot and the sea so calm. I keep telling my husband that I’m going to start painting again but I never get around to it, this week would have been perfect.

Keep well.

Lynne xx

Why not take some detailed photos of those beautiful sea scapes AND then when the weather's grim paint the lovely sea? Take care folks, Mbutterfly

Hardly surprising it's quiet here it 'stumped' meconfusedtake care, M

M, the Kathrine posts are spam. Ignore. I'm sure tech team will remove them soon.

Pat x scared

What would I do without you, Pat?butterfly happyflowerTake care, M

Hello Lynne,

I have not been on for ages. Where have all the big guns gone?

Yes it does seem quiet. Maybe they have all won the lottery and vacated to another country? Hmmmm interesting!


I think that at the moment it might be the Easter holidays keeping people away, especially if you have kids and they are on holiday from school. I haven't be here for a few days just because we've had family visiting us over the weekend. I've been on the Dr Wahls diet for 8 weeks and it was good when they noticed that I'd lost some weight. It's not why I'm on the diet but it's a bonus. I hope everyone start to come back soon, even if they have won the lottery Jane.

Lynne xx