Bit quiet on here?

Hope it’s quiet cos you all are doing ok?

I’m getting into bed to watch telly. Legs are hurting and burning but really I’ve done nothing much today so don’t know what sparked them off. Oh hang on a minute… that’s right… the gorilla doesn’t need an excuse!

Have nice evening everyone. Stay warm and cosy.

Pat x

Hey Pat,

Feeling similar to yourself…its T of the M for me and I swear it makes me feel sooooo much worse. Felt bloody awful this morning but couldn’t quite describe how I felt.

Am very cosy now tho as my lovely man has lots of candles lit…lovely

Have a lovely weekend…hope your legs feel better tomorrow.



I wasn’t around yesterday eve ‘cos I went to my son’ girlfriend’s 18th party! Not my usual sort of pursuit nowadays but I had a lovely time. My 7- year-old and I ran out of steam about 10, so we came home then. Feeling rather worn out today though! Teresa xx

Hi Oohagh, I didn’t start to get symptoms till after menopause… but I’ve read many posts that say women get symptoms very bad around their period. Hope you taking it easy and having nice Saturday.

Teresa, hope you also taking it easy. 18th birthday party! I admire your pluck!

Talking of pluck, I’m being pretty plucky myself tonight. Going out (after dark!!!) to see a local panto. I have friends performing in it so really must make the effort… and I’m sure once I’m there I’ll have a ball… well hope so anyway! Luckily only 10 mins on scooter…

Have a good weekend everyone,

Pat x

Hi Pat, a bit too quiet here eh? Right then, here`s my input;



did you hear that?

luv Poll.

Enjoy the panto. I`ll be cheering Danni and Lisa in Strictly.


Hi Pat,

Feel a lot better than I did thank you. Bloody hormones!! They have a lot to answer for LOL!


Hi Pat

I have been quiet for while, but things seem a bit brighter


Hope you are doing ok.

Pam x

Haven’t been on for a while been keeping busy and as active as allowed

Hope everybody has a good christmas and New Year


Thanks Tony… and the same to you.

Save some energy for Xmas…

Pat x