waterproof bed pads

Hi gang!

Hope you are enjoying this lovely weather…although I do know it can be really knackering too.

For about 2 years, I`ve been buying disposable bed pads…at the cost of £28 every 3 months. I never liked them, but felt I needed something to save the cotton sheets from being changed up to 3 times a night. They irritated my skin, stuck to me and got caught up in my sling. Yeh, lots of fun!

So I was looking at using washable ones. I found some on e-bay at 2 for £22, including P&P. They are a bigger size, have generous tuck in flaps and are soft to lie on. I managed to use the first one for 2 nights and then decided it needed to be washed. Well I did so and it washed very well, didnt shrink or harden.

This morning, at 6am, the pad underwent the utlimate test. With the current urgency to wee I have, I didnt make it into my sling at all. I did a full wee, which all went into the bed pad, and didnt leak or leave me wet and uncomfortable. Plus my bed was dry.

Chuffin` marvelous!

luv Pollx

We used to use these years ago when I worked in a nursing home. If I remember correctly you shouldn’t use fabric conditioner on them?? Like I said this was a the start of my nursing which was a few million years ago and they probably have changed some what since then but I remember them not being waterproof after using fabic conditioner. Glad you like them poll.

Yes, you`re right about not using fabric conditioner…it reduces the absorbency.

Actually we dont use it as hubby has an allergy to even the gentlest kind.

This means our towels are like cardboard on my skin!

My carer, who has worked in hospitals and nursing homes, said they are called Kylie sheets. But I think they must`ve been made of a coarser fabric, as she said they discontinued using them, as they were causing pressure sores! Dont want any of those nasties, eh?

luv Pollx