Leaky pads

My local NHS Health authority has just changed provider for incontinence pads. I was very dissatisfied with the ones I used to receive as they often leaked badly well before they should have. I appreciate the challenge that the variable position of the male anatomy must present but was quite hopeful about the new ones as I was told by the continence nurse that they would be much more absorbent and less liable to leak and that one reason for the change in provider was because they have been receiving so many complaints from gentlemen like myself about leaks. The new ones have a kind of bowl shaped central area that drops a little and I suppose it aids the stream to go to the centre. However, although they definitely have a far higher absorption capacity, in my experience they are even more inclined to leak than the other ones. I think this may be because the leg guards seem quite minimalist in comparison. I can only assume they didn’t trial them first on men which is kind of exasperating as it probably means this contract is going to run for probably a minimum of 3 to 5 years now before being reviewed. Well I think I am going to have to let rip on this one as I am ‘peed off’ with the thought of so many more ‘accidents’ when a little bit of testing first rather than swallowing sales talk would have been in order.


I think it’d be worth speaking to your incontinence nurse about sheaths & leg bags. They transformed my life when I found out about them, so much better than relying on pads.