Incontinence pads - how to get

Could anyone let me know if I can get pads on the NHS - I’m spending a fortune on them!

Many thanks


id like to know my self.

its costing me a fortune let me know how you get on.?

I can get pads from the incontinence nurse. I think you will need to go via your GP.


hi Helen, yeah, you can. you have to contact your district nurse and get the them to assess you. when you’ve had an assessment, they will supply you with the minimum absorbancy pads for your needs.

The only downside is that you only get given the bare minimum number of pads you need, which doesn’t take into account bad days. Also, you don’t get any choice about what style pads you get given, you just get given the cheapest ones.

Hope this helps, love Bex xx

I think it varies by area of the country and how bad the problem (at least modrate leakage). You probably need a referral by your GP to a Continence nurse, or a District nurse might be able to help or refer you. You may have to have undergone some kind of treatment first to see whether you can be ‘cured’.

Hi, I’m a District Nurse in Devon. If you are housebound, the District Nurse in our area will assess you. If you are able to get out, the specialist nurse at the bladder and bowel clinic at our local hospital will assess you.

The assessment will include a urine test, the completion of a 3 day bladder/fluid intake diary, and in some cases a bladder scan.

You won’t however be eligable for pads unless you require 4 or more pads in 24 hours.

Out of interest, a couple of people I know with MS, have recently asked if incontinence pads are available in colours other than white. Many people wear black knickers, and a white pad in white knickers really stands out, particularly if you are undressing in a public place, or even in front of partners.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

my GP refferd me to a continence nurse at the local health centre. i was a bit embarresd but the nurse soon put me at ease and sorted me with some mens pads.

yes us men use them as well lol


Re the idea about coloured pads, think you’ve found a gap in the market! You could make a fortune.

My hubby has also asked me whether I can get pads on the NHS, but I don’t have infections, I think I’ve got Interstitial Cystitis which is where the bladder itself is sore. I’ve found that since drinking only alkaline water that I’m hardly using any pads as my bladder doesn’t hurt anymore and I don’t get cystitis-like symptoms. Every now and then I’ll eat something that irritates it and I’ll need the loo more frequently and urgently, but otherwise it’s controllable. I have to watch what I eat and drink, which isn’t great at the best of times. Christmas is going to be hard, but I just remind myself that I’m pain-free. Cystitis isn’t fun.


how about multi-coloured ones? or ones with pretty patterns on the back for us young women? just a though, love Bex xxx

Hi, as most have already told you, NHS pads are available via district nurses. i get them and at first thought they were so big, but when I have accidents, either bladder or bowel, they help a lot and I dont always need a full change of clothes or bedding.

Hope you do get them.

luv Pollx

A downside of NHS delivery is having to recieve a bulk delivery to last two or three months at a time - may be longer in some areas.That takes up a lot of space and you cant use a shed or a garage as they have to be kept in a dry environment, I’ve given up trying to hide them discreetly in our small crowded house. The kids, even my busy body mother-in-law has tripped over them now, or they end up tumbling out of cupboards. Good job they are soft or somebody’d get knocked out! Dunno about colours, these net pants are see-through anyway.

Love that the humor is still there! i was going to mention the net knickers!! the delivery of three months worth is a bind, but i have stored in shed and garage and nothing bad happened! at least they were out the way.

Love that the humor is still there! i was going to mention the net knickers!! the delivery of three months worth is a bind, but i have stored in shed and garage and nothing bad happened! at least they were out the way.

Continence nurse told me not to do so as they are so hydrophilic they are capable of absorbing such large amounts of moisture from the air that it compromises their absorbency. Think I might do an experiment with a packet and see how much weight it gains after a month in the shed.