VAT off Incontinence pads/briefs

Anybody know if/how you get the VAT taken off these things? I believe they are zero rated if you have a chronic condition but my local chemist (small Boots) didnt seem to know about it or what to do. I dont want to go into a song and dance routine when I get to the counter as its embarrassing enough already, is there a card you show like a prescription exemption or something?

They are only zero rated if they can ONLY be used for disabled people, and as many are used for people with other issues you won’t get them zero rated at the shops. Tena do zero rate them if you buy online but I found the shop prices were still better. Liz

Hi, I think zero rated vat means exactly that , they do not attract vat in the first place. Some products are like this. I have just clicked through an amazon order for this (did not actually buy, just clicked through the process) and Amazon has no vat added on to this type of thing. So there is no vat on them so none to come off. Some products (eg shower seats) attract normal vat at 20% but if you sign a declaration to say you are disabled) the vat is not added on. I have done this online and it is easy and works well. Cheryl

Yes, thanks, you are right Cheryl they are zero rated on the shelf - You wouldnt know it from the price though,

i get them free via the wet knicker nurse ( as my doc lovingly calls her). they are delivered to the door every 6 months, so you do need space to store them. might be worth asking about this? x


Dont think the Continence Service in this area will supply them to men. Only spoke to the nurse on the phone, Havent been for an appointment yet but she said the pads they supply are only suitable for women which seems a bit sexist.

i think that is so rude of them everyone should be equal surely there must be someone who can help, how about asking your ms nurse if you have one she should be able to help you.

Not diagnosed, I think they want men to use sheath which I may do if I can be pursuaded it wont pop off in the middle of a class

Well what do you know, it depends who you speak to. A continence nurse over the phone told me they only have pads suitable for women,yet when my GP referred me to the service, I was assessed (today) by a different nurse who advised me not to use a sheath for various medical and job related reasons and arranged for free pads. Only drawback is they are massive so I think my days of tight fitting trousers are now well and truly over (except around the waist, but thats another issue)!

Hi Bob, suppose that means lycra cycling shorts are out too, eh?

Sorry, my attempt to get a cheap laff!

I get pads on NHS via district nurse. The criteria/need is 4 pads a day. it does sound very sexist not to let the chaps have them too.

luv Pollxx

Put it this way, I wont be doing any cycling sitting on one of these, as my feet wont be able to reach the peddles!

Hey that should be ‘pedals’.