Its a Con [incontants pads]

Sub Total £0.10

Delivery £5.99
VAT £1.22

TOTAL £7.31
Was looking for a rader key and this caught me eye[NHS pads are to bulky] so i said i will give these a go £0.10 sounded good for a try, but you then have to pay£5.99 Delivery and £1.22 vat so total bill was £7.31.What a rip of. :frowning:
So it is back to the wifes tena pads.
Take Care All,
And Dont Get Ripped Of.

Have you tried TENA for MEN - get them from Tescos - my husband had been using them after his prostate op - Tescos is the cheapest. He said they were £4 at the local pharmacy - but half price in Tesco.
And don’t forget you should be VAT FREE