Cheap pads

My pay has now been halved due to a prolonged absence and when I go back I am going to have to go part time until my employer gets the neurology report, which I assume means part time pay. I finally got an appointment with the continence service whom I hope will provide me with pads on prescription, but thats not guaranteed. It is costing £12 - £15 per week for supplies over the counter. Is any supplier known to be particularly good value?

Hi there,

My husband gets his delivered he has to phone the surgery who put in the order. He does not pay for his and uses Tena Flex which are brilliant for keeping him dry. Good Luck


yes i get mine deliverd free also. once your husband has saw the continence nurse she will sort it out for him.

sorry about thst Mrbobowen. i had a lapse moment there and typed “husband”

my appologies

Hi, I also get my on NHS…delivered every 3 months and free. But youll need a prescription for them...mine is from my district nurse. Plus the used ones are picked up by what we call the yellow man`. The bags are yellow!

The prescribed amount is 4 pads a day. I usually manage with that number…sometimes less, sometimes more.

They are from a firm called Haartman. In the last box, a letter said they were going to try some better shaped and slightly smaller pads next time. I like the sound of them.

My current pads sometimes get stuck and end up in shreds by the time i`ve pulled them out!

Good luck with yours.

luv Pollx

Are any of you people able to get the pants from the NHS, I mean with a pad built in rather than rectangular pads. I dont trust the pads by themselves not to leak.


I sometimes use Tena Plus Pants, which might be what you’re after. They cost £7.99 for a pack of ten from my pharmacist, but if you do a google search you’ll probably be able to find them cheaper.


Thanks Dan, I meant can you get them on prescription from the NHS, rather than having to buy them.