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Could i ask if anyone gets continence pants on prescription. My continence dr has asked a few times if i get them free, i say no but he doesnt say anymore about it. i see him again next Thursday so thought i would ask here first if anyone does.If not can i not pay vat [didnt know about the vat till i bought a foot lift today at the mobility shop] also does anyone get vit d tabs on precription. my sister has just started vitd/calcium ones { she has other health problems} and gets hers on prescription, my gp just told me to buy the high strength ones [ at the time it was 16 now its 95 but i have 4 vitd tabs a day]

Lisa x.

Hi Lisa I’m only able to answer your question about the vat on continence products. You are quite correct that you do not have to pay vat but these items are zero rated for vat anyway, there is no vat added on in the first place. Cheryl:-)

Do you mean the reusable pants to put pads in and hold them in place, or the all-in-one disposable pull up type pants? I get the first type delivered free with pads (5 pairs a year) and if you can imagine they are like a pair of white tights with the legs cut off, called net pants. Wouldnt be surprised if such a home made garment was as effective. They arent particularly reliable but this may be less so for a female. Arranged through the continence service. The problem with free supplies is there is little choice about what you get. Something more reliably protective you would probably have to buy yourself. They did have something all-in-one for more serious problem but it looks like a diaposable nappy.

Thank you for replying.

Yes i use the disposible pants, they look like pull ups. i didnt know that the vat isnt on them anyway so thank you for telling me. I will ask about it on Thursday but it might not be an issue soon as suprapubic catherta may be on the cards. I was just wondering what other peeps did.

Lisa x

Hi Lisa, I am also seeing a urologist about an SPC (15th May) and would really like to try it,as my utis, lack of mobility and urgency are too much to cope with now.

I think I will still have to wear an incontience pad/garment, as there could be leaks from the urethra and then there`s the bowel leakage to contend with too.

I am issued with free NHS pads…our area doesnt do pull ups…wish they did, as they are an expensive item. I do buy them occassionally. Also they are more comfortable than a pair of nix and a separate pad…sometimes the pad goes walkabout…sorry if that is TMI!!!

luv Pollx

Hi I get incontince pads free, i am allowed 3 a day, i can only describe them as like nappies, but they do the trick and have given me my confidence back and i must admit they are quite comfortable once i had got used to wearing them.

hope this helps


I can get free pads. Not really secure enough for me with the risk of leakage round the side. So I buy the pull up pants myself. Vit D I get on prescription. I think you should too. If you have the strength look in NICE guidelines and on this site for evidence of its need in MS. Hope this helps Hugs Min

Thanks guys,

I do use pads aswell but only if ive run out of the pants, i find they move around too Poll but also they leak too much so i have to change myself even more. my continence dr is trying all sorts of things but it doesnt look promising. Been researching the spc as really i dont know much about it.

Dont know why i dont get vit d on prescription, perhaps at the time i was getting my quata of tabs could go to gp and ask again i suppose beins my ms consultant took me off Gabapentin in January.

Lisa x

I believe I have Interstitial Cystitis (IC) which seemed to peak last year and I was going through pads like crazy! I’ve now got things under control but still use pads, sometimes more for confidence than anything else. I asked if I could get pads/pants free on the NHS and was told that a) I’d need to have tests done at the continence clinic, then b) they’d refer me to the district nurse after which c) I’d probably be told I don’t qualify as I don’t use enough, so d) it’s best to keep going as I am and see how it goes. I got the impression that they don’t like prescribing pads/pants as it’s too costly, and they look for more permanent solutions, which I guess eg. Catheters. Heather

Hi there, it is possible to get pads on the NHS, not sure about pants though, i think it depends on the area where you live as to what products they supply. To be honest though, it’s not worth the hassle you have to go through. I asked my district nurse if there was anything more discrete i could use, as the pads were so thick they were showing through my clothes. Her answer was “wear different clothes” I don’t think she is used to dealing with young people. I decided that i have enough restictions on my life as it is, so decided to start buying my own. Even though it is yet another thing to pay for, at least you get much more choice. I have searched the internet and found the best value sites. The first thing you need to do though, i work out exactly which type of product best meets your needs, and the find the cheapest supplier. If you PM me your email address, i can send you some links to the best value sites. Hope this helps, love Bex xxx

Hi All,

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Call me skeptical but I have tried three diiferent brands of reusable incontinence pants (Ganmill, Allanda, Care Shop) and found them totally inadequate.They typically claim to be able to hold something like 250 mls or more and in reality Ii found for myself that they leak probably with just a fraction of this and the wetness seeps round into the outer cloth layer via the seams… Also,the waterproof membrane is not high enough at the front to prevent overshoot for a male. Also, sitting down causes liquid to be squeezed from the pad, resulting in a wet seat.

Dear Mr. Owen,

We can appreciate your skepticism and understand that you have had poor experience with the competitive products.

The current products on the market are a poor benchmark. Reusables are not perfect for everyone, but the majority of the market we serve they work well for, and we hope that they do for you too.

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Well maybe I’ll give it another shot but the other problem at work is changing out of them in a small toilet. Do you have a design that can be taken off without having to take off shoes and trousers first?