Incontinence pants

Been trying to get along with a pant and pad system prescribed by the continence nurse but very disappointed except for the fact that it doesnt cost. Pad top seems to wilt down over time resulting in leaks from overshoot if you know what I mean, and sometimes the whole thing gravitates down a leg hole which is not quite so disasterous because at least I can tell that’s happening, but I dont want to be retrieving it from the bottom of a trouser leg in public like I’ve had to do around the house already a couple of times. Am I doing something wrong, or are they just crap? I wondered if the pants are too big XL size 44 waist. Are you supposed to wear tight underwear as well over the top? They are also very institutional with the brand name emblazoned in big lettering around the waist band where it might accidentally show - like who wants to know? not as if it is some rauchy fashion label like Cavin Klein or Lonsdale or something. Maybe I should ask if there is a more reliable and morre discreet design but I understand the choice is very limited. Unfortunately continence nurse ruled out leg bag system or cath for various reasons. Any suggestions?

I’d speak to your incontinence nurse to see what they suggest - getting a smaller size might be worth a go, I guess there can’t be any harm. I’m not sure exactly what type you’re using so I couldnt say if you’re doing something wrong though. I’ve used Tena Plus Pants and not had much problem with them.

Why did your nurse rule out the leg bag option? I’ve found it to be ideal so I’d try pushing for it.


These are called fixation pants - Molipants and they look like the trunk part of a pair of stretchy tights with no legs that are meant to ‘fix’ the pad in place if that makes sense. She discounted the leg bag because I get frequent UTIs; my bowel is also sometimes affected and my work often involves physical struggle to contain violent behaviour.

Interesting what she said about the leg bag & UTIs, I’ve never heard anyone mention that before.

Yes I wondered about that. Can understand in relation to a catheter. Maybe the surface contact with the tube provides an infection point.

Thanks Corinne, have left a message with the nurse. I have tried the pull-on nappy type and they were good but costing around a pound a go or say £15 per week

The chemist I get the Tena pnts from are 10 for £7, so a bit cheaper than you’ve seen but still pricey. I’d question your nurse again about the sheath and leg bag combo. I don’t see why they should put you at any more of a risk of UTIs than having a wet pad on. If the leg bag was used with an indwelling catheter then there’s be a greater risk, but I don’t see what’s wrong with a sheath.


Good point Dan, never think to say things like that at the tiime, but then I guess there are the other points.