incontinence products!

Hi everyone, hope you are all as well as can be. Well, just wanted to mention/ask about a couple of things. Firstly, I wanted to let you all know, that if you have incontinence issues, and use wipes to keep clean down there, then i would highly recommend Morrisons tots fruity fragrance toddler wipes. Yes i know they are ment for toddlers, but they are really gentle on your skin, leave you and the bathroom smelling nice and fresh, come in a small packet so you can pop them in your bag, and only cost 79p for 60 wipes!

The second thing is that the incontinence pads i use have been changed, due to me needing a higher absorbancy, to Tena comfort normal. These pads are ment to be worn with Tena fixation pants, but I REFUSE to wear those horrible, huge, scratchy things, as i’m 23 and just want to wear MY OWN KNICKERS. Is that too much to ask? It’s bad enough that i have to wear pads in the first place. What i want to ask is does anyone know of any regular knickers that i could wear these with, or does anyone know of an alternative product that is avaliable on the NHS? thanks, love Bex xx

I also use morrisons baby wipes there great, I also used superdrug all in one incontinance pants not very sexy but very effective and they cant be seen under clothes

HI Bexx, I got fed up with fixation pants as the ones I recieve arent scratchy but very institutional looking with inch high lettering “MOLIPANTS SOFT” around the front waistband where it can easily show - might as well say ‘Hey this person is incontinent!’ and they are almost transparent so the pad is very obvious when getting undressed - not very sexy. They also dont always keep it in position, sometimes letting it escape down a leg hole. I spoke to the continence nurse about it and she said to try wearing your own underwear instead, or over the top, but then the pad pokes out at the sides as they are not wide enough underneath to cup the pad properly and this can cause leaks. I think it would work OK if the underwear is a bit wider. One thing I did find though, from a company called Beaucare is that they supply a kind of vest that fastens underneath everything, which stops accidental exposure at the waistband and keeps everything in position, but again, not sexy.

For years l have been buying my knicks from Tesco. They come in a pack of two. Very stretchy - shorts style in a slinky feel material with a cotton gusset. The boxy shape of them should help you keep everything in order. They are seamless - so no visible pantyline. l wear them because l have a supra-pubic catheter and l tie the bag with a ribbon - around my waist - and these knicks fit so snug and keep everything in place. So neat - in fact - that the bag is undetectable.

They come in some lovely colours apart from black and white. l have purple/pink/orange and pink with black hearts and bows. Black and cream stripes [these are my ‘humbugs’]

lf Tesco - stop selling them l shall be devastated.



Shouldnt be your ‘bumhug’ knickers?!

E xxx