Bladder issues

Hi All I am lookin for some advice. This isnot ssomething I feel comfortable about but my bladder issues are getting to a point that I need to start using pads. Been putting it off as the thought of it makes me feel sick I feel far too youngto have to be thinking about this at 32 this is something I have always thought I needed to think about in another 30/40 years. Sorry to moan as I know lots of people will have been in the same position or a lot worse than me. Can I ask what pads people use as I have no idea wwhere to start. My leakeage isn’t massive amounts but now I’m back at work I am becoming more aware that others might notice when I have an accident before I do. Thanks

Hi Barney. I know it’s awful I have had bladder issues for about 3 years now. If its not a lot have you tried regular panty liners? May do the job for small amounts. I have used them when my bladder is playing up and I feel much more confident with them x

I have tried them but I get really uncomfortable maybe I should change them more often. I am not good with sanitary pads either I get extremely uncomfortable and have to use tampons (sorry all the men reading this). I probably after some miracle pad that won’t iritate me and won’t make me feel that I am wearing a huge nappy.

if you look on the tena site you can send for some samples to try out the different pads they make

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Teasco do some very cheap pads… 15p for ten, you can change them every couple of mins at that price. They also have maternity pads, they are a bit bigger and thicker, great for a biggish accident, 98p for ten… I purchase both of these, it not nice having to wear them, but it’s better than the alternative. I’m due to see the continence nurse soon, so I’m hoping she Can help. x

Sorry, I forgot, their panty liners are quite good…, you. Hardly know they’re there.

Thanks for the replies I’ll give them a try and send for the samples.

have you been seen at the bowel and bladder clinic?

you can self refer.

i’ve been given patches for my over active bladder and they work!!!

(Kentera patches)

carole x

Hi, there is a massive choice of pads and panty liners available from dead cheap to quite expensive…as i am finding out!

I always wore a small pad, even before I began with my disability, as it made me feel fresher and stopped any possible odours.

Let me give you a tip, so you dont suffer something i did.

I was using the wrong type of pad and suffered an itch for months. I saw my GP about it and she said wearing a period type pad, rather than an incontinence one was causing the itch, as it didnt draw the small amount of leakage, away from my skin.

You can now buy really small comfy pads and getting some free samples is a great idea.

I love the pull up type pants with built in pad, but they are expensive to use daily.

I get my pads on prescription anyway.

luv Pollx

Hi, just reading all of the posts and agree with Till, Tesco, are good value, and do actually do their own range of incontinence pads/pants and they are half the price of Tena. I asked about free prescription but you have to need at least two pants per day or something.

Hi, to get my pads on prescription, I have to need 4 pads a day. Our area doesnt prescribe pants, just pads.

I sometimes buy asda`s own pants and they are good. £6 for 10, special offer just now at £5 for 10.

But it runs to expensive for me. Id need at least 2 a day............thats a lot of dosh, innit?


Hi there, i have found that it is better to buy pads online, as there is much more choice, but you have to try lots of different sites to find the best price. It is deffinately worth asking for samples, so you don’t waste money buying products that are no good. If you need further info, please feel free to pm me, love Bex xxx

Hi, have you asked to be referred to the continence clinic? Perhaps you could learn how to self catheterise. It seems daunting at first but you soon get used to it and it might be the perfect solution for you without having to wear bulky pads especially if you are at work. I self catheterised for seven years before I had to stop because of gripping problems and it worked brilliantly for me. I now have a supra-pubic catheter. I wish you the best of luck whatever you decide. Anne x.

Thanks everyone this is really useful advice especially about differences in pads. I have been tothe clinic and advised some tips for trying to iimprove things going back in a coupl of months jjust have to see how it goes.


You’ve got to bit the bullet, go and talk to someone at a continence clinic. It sounds like you are going to need to self catheterise or a Botox jab might be what you need.

I spent years kidding myself that I could cope, I survived just. OK I was older than you when I had to start to self-catheterise and it is not an easy subject to talk about.

What ever the continence clinic and consultant recommend and it works then it is worth it.


PS I’ve self catheterised for about 8 years and the relief the chances of wetting myself are almost zero is indescribable

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recently ive started having leakage probs, when i know it is leaking i can stop myself but the little bit that has come out still leaves a patch, its hard to talk to people face to face, im sorry im of no help to you as im at the 1st stage and just use kitchen roll , i need to build some courage up and tell my nurse as im sure it will only get worse over time,

Hello Villabob3,

I think you’ve got to find a bullet and bite it. You are right, its only going to get worse.

If you go online it is possible to get some pads that you wear inside your knickers/pants and this resolves the embarrasement issue.

Find an MS nurse or someone else in the MS world who you can talk to about the problem. I’m no expert but there are ways to avoid this issue.

Go on, be brave. If its any consolation lots of us have been there.


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Have had to use them from 37 yes it bothered me but once I realised I could go out without embarassment then I grew accostmed to them. How bad is it? I used the pant liner one which were unobtrusive.


agree with all the advice; probably best that you talk to your GP or MS Nurse sooner rather than later - wife suffers with MS and early symptoms included bladder weakness so has had issues for over 20 years. GP refereed her to the urinary clinic and they were brilliant and very supportive from advising on types of pads etc to longer term options - they prescriped Ditropan to help, which it does (might not work for everyone so discuss with GP) but strength of dosage is gradually increased to max, so may now have to consider self cath - your quality of life has to be the overiding consideration


Hi I use Always Ultra panty liners and don’t even notice that they’re there. Really rate them. And they don’t twist and screw up in your pants like others do,