Urge incontinence.

I’ve had urge incontince for 15 years now and I manage it with pads and I use Kentera patches which help with my erratic bladder. At the moment it’s really bothering me. I can’t move without weeing myself. If I go to stand up I do it, in fact any movement and there it goes. It’s doing my head in and I’m getting through more pads than I get (delivered from NHS).

After all this time I should be used to it but I just wish I could go place without planning how many pads to take anf look for toilets all the time Urg !!!

Just felt like moaning.

Hi, awful for you. No wonder you need a good moan!

Have you seen an incontinence specialist nurse? You should be able to get appointment through your GP or neuro. I think it’s just possible that when you’ve had a problem for several years that you could miss out on newer products that could be a help.

I would think you should start with seeing GP… and while you’re at it ask if you can have more pads delivered.

Good luck with it. I know it’s exhausting insisting on more referrals but I really think you should.

Take care and hope it’s nice and sunny where you are,

Pat x

Thanks Pat I went to see my GP today and I have a UTI. He thinks that’s why my nerve pain has been worse lately as well. I haven’t had a UTI for a few months and it didn’t present it’s self as usual. I usually get pain in my back . Well I’m now on some antibiotics and hope this frequency clears up. Thank you for the advice.

Lynne xx

Oh I am pleased Lynne. At least now you might get some relief. UTI’s are so horrible! Make everything feel so bad. Things will be so much better when those antibiotics kick in.

Take care and hope things are already feeling better.

Pat xx

Hi Lynne, I hadnt heard of kentera patches, so I googled it. now i see that they are oxybutynin. Ive been on the tablets for years.

if I get a change of bladder habit, I often wonder if it is a UTI. ive had a couple of those. So lets hope your`s clears up with the anti biotics.

Can I ask, why did you go on patches? do you have difficulty swallowing tablets?

Also, what dose are the patches? I am on 20mg oxy.the max dose I think.

luv Pollx

Thanks Pat I’m feeling a lot better today, I got a seven day course so hopefully it’ll sort it out.

Hi Poll, the continence nurse told me about Kentera patches, I was taking a lot of tablets daily so she said it would be one less tablet to take. I’ve been using them for 4 years and I haven’t had any problems, some people get an allergic reaction to the patch. The dose is low compared to what you are taking, only 3.9mg in 24 hrs. I use 2 patches a week.

Lynne xx