Alternative to tena lady pants?

Hi, hope everyone is as well as possible. I have a quick question. I have been using tena lady pants discrete for my bladder problems, but I have lost 3 hand a half stone and now they are far too big. Does anyone know of an alternative? thanks, love Bex xxx

Firstly, well done on losing three and a half stone, that is a brilliant achievement. I don’t know what size you are or were before but is it possible that they would make the pants in a smaller size, if not tena lady , another brand might do. Cheryl:-)

Thanks Cheryl, I have gone from 14 stone and a size 16/18 to 10st 5lb and a size 12/14. I still have 2 stone left to loose (i’m only 4ft 8) I checked online and they do a size smaller, but they are much too big on the bum and come up way too high xxx

May I ask how you lost it and how long I want to get to 10 stone too :slight_smile: I’m around 14 stone.

Yeah, sure. It will only work for women who have hormone problems though. I have poly-cystic overy syndrome, which as well as affecting your periods, also has an impact on your matabolic rate and makes your body store fat. So i was put on metformin by my gynecologist and that has helped me to loose weight. I have made changes to my diet as well though, I eat smaller portions, eat healthier food, more salads and such like. Also i have stopped eating snacks in the evening xxx

I started doing weight watchers so hoping to lose on this I lost a lot of weight coming off the depo povera injection so not bad only trouble is exercise I used to do it everyday until my mobility got bad and would like to again x Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi Bev

Would any of the tena lady pads be suitable? They do quite a range now with varying absorbencies. Then you could use your own pants which fit properly.

Tracey x

Hi, I found the Tesco everyday pads much better than the Tena pads. Apart from being cheaper, they were more absorbent and also stuck onto your own pants quite firmly. Well done for losing the weight, I need to lose about a stone, but not being able to exercise much makes it difficult doesn’t it. Jackie xx

Hello all,

After quite a bit of research I have found that Amazon is the cheapest place (at the moment) to buy.

They offer a full range of all varities and sizes to fit all ,in bulk or as a singular pack.

The Depends range offers a small size pant as well as Tena ,although the Depends seem to be slightly cheaper.

Thanks guys, i will look on Amazon. I would use pads if they were thinner, but the ones that are the right absorbancy show through my leggings, which i obviously don’t want. Also, my bum is now a very weird shape, i can’t seem to find any pants that arn’t too baggy on the bum, which isn’t going to work. I have the same problem with trousers, that’s why i have to wear leggings. I seem to have a size 12 waist, but a size 8 bum! It’s so annoying xxx

i use tena lady night with big knickers from tesco. during the day as well as at night.

sexy as hell!!

carole x

they would show through my leggings and i can’t seem to find any pants tight enough on the bum lol xxx

Are these any good to you Tena Comfort Mini Super 903ml Pack of 28.?

A 5 teardrop absorbancy . They look quite thin and neat and 903ml absorbancy ain’t that bad .

Like pigpen above I’m as sexy as hell too -my knicker elastic stretched to full :slight_smile:

Try a google search for Tena Comfort Mini Super 903ml - it might be what you’re looking for

Andrea :slight_smile:

Oh Dear - I’m becoming a human Wikipedia on big knickers and bladder excess -LAST post on the subjest(honest)

Wilkinsons aka ‘wilkco’ on line are offering padded pants. I take a lage size and they are quite a snug fit so maybe their small size will be just right for you.

At £5.00 for 12 pants it’s got to be worth a look.

If the admin allows me to post this link - then there’s 3 pages there of ‘small’ pants on offer (ignore the not appicable types ,of course)

Ok- done-last word.

Andrea :slight_smile:

l use Wilkinsons - l order my catheters/bags from them. They get a prescription direct from my GP - so just a phone call - and then the order is delivered. At no cost to me. So you should be able to get any supplies on prescription.

Wilkinsons have a ‘professional team’ of agency nurses who are expert at incontinence problems. l know my local district nurses have all been trained by one of these Wilkinson nurses. And she is always quick to come out if there is any trouble with changing indwelling catheters - SPC - etc.

l order a years supply at a time. Save on their delivery costs. Also l know l will not be changing what l use.

Thackery is another company like Wilkinsons.