Using A Sheath

Looks like I’ll be returning to work soon and am wondering whether I would be better to use one of these which I havent tried rather than ‘Depends’. I do not just stand or walk or sit in my job but could end up being assaulted and struggling and possibly on the ground. I assume these things are liable to leak in such situations. The advantage over ’ briefs’ might be less risk of odour and having to change. Any comment?

Hi There shouldn’t be any problems with leaking, unless the sheath was to become unattached from the leg bag, but to be honest that hardly ever happen. If anything, there’ll be much more secure than pads. They made such an improvement to my life when I started using them. Dan

Hi, If you google Manfred Sauer, you will find that they supply really good sheaths. Ask for a sample and give it a try. You can get all of their products on prescription. If you like, I can give you more advice on this method if you send me a private message as I am a regular user of sheaths.

Thanks goys, anybody found them relisble in a seriously testing situation?

Er, define a ‘seriously testing situation’…

Crikey…what job do you do? pollx

Work with some very aggressive young people. The odd kick in the groin for instance

Blimey, that sounds pretty intense! I can safely say I’ve never experienced anything like that, so it’s tricky to say how things would be affected. I have fallen over though without any problems. I’d have thought the worse that would happen would be for the sheath to become unattached from the tube to the bag, though nothing should leak out of the bag if that did happen, and the sheath wouldn’t become unattached from you, if you know what I mean. The only problem would be if you needed to pee before you got to re-attach the bag. Hope that helps Dan

Hi I have just started using a product called Bio Derm, its also called a petal Sometimes. It attaches to the end of the penis. It may be worth trying. Gogle Bio Derm and contact then and they will send you a sample pack. Ronin

Thanks everybody, just one further thought: What happens to the bag if it gets compressed by a blow or a fall? Are they quite tough?

I’ve never had one spring a leak. The only thing to watch out for is what type of valve it has to be able to drain it. I used to use a type that had a little lever, and sometimes that might catch on my clothes and accidentally open. I use a different one now and don’t have any problems with it.