Water and bladder issues.


Hope everyone is as well as can be.

I have this issue that’s really concerning me and I need a few tips! I keep being told to increase my water intake but when I do so the random urges tend to occur a lot more and in the winter it’s even more worrying! I want to stay away from needing the pads as I have only just turned 21 years old and I want to keep the independence as much as I can!

I do try to make sure I go to the toilet when there’s a slight urge when I am at home but the odd random events really get to me and it is very hard to get others around me like family to understand.

Any tips would be really appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


Hi Zak

I assume you’re a bloke, in which case sheaths & leg bags could be what you’re after. Basically, the sheath is like a condom, which you can then attach to a small bag that straps round your leg. It’s very discreet, and no one would have a clue. When I started using it, it made such a huge difference to my life, and gave me loads of freedom. If you google conveen sheath you’ll find out more about it. Ask to be referred to a continence nurse, and they’ll be able to sort it out for you. They’ll also be able to advise you on other things that may help.

Hope that helps


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hi zak

you may have an overactive bladder.

there are meds for this and you can also be shown how to train your bladder into calming down.

together with dan’s advice you have options!!

good luck

carole x

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I am quite new to all this (just received my first referral to a continence nurse yesterday).

However, as I understand it, making sure you go every time you feel “a slight urge” may be contributing to the problem, rather than helping. Your bladder is not learning to hold out for longer, but instead that it can go immediately - which in reality, of course, is absolutely not what you want!

I have to wait four months - yes, four months for my appointment. Fortunately, I am not having accidents so far. But I’m trying NOT to run to the loo every time I feel a little bit as if I want to, because that only makes my bladder even less patient.


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I take tolterodine tartrate once a day for urgency problems. We can now plan a day out where I’m not always mindful of where the nearest toilet is. See a continence nurse or your GP. There are plenty of things that can help urgency problems.

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Hello Zak

Can I ask, approximately how much in a day you drink? It’s possible you maybe drinking too much. Seeing a continence nurse like Dan suggests is a good idea.

All fluids count as intake, including food.



Thanks for the replies, I am seeing/have seen the nurses in two different hospitals, I’ve been on solifenacin for about 2-3 years now, when I saw a worsening of bladder symptoms the dose was increased from 5 to 10. I will definitely ask about the sheaths.

Weirdly on my prescription I have been offered the tolterodine but I’ve never transferred over. I tried to increase my fluid intake, I started with about an extra small bottle of water and my body found it hard to react in the right way. Other than that I’d probably say in total I am drinking 4-5 cups of fluids per day, for the obvious reasons I’ve been very hesitant to drink for a very long time. I usually consume direct fluids in the mornings and at night as that way there’s less risk of any ‘accidents’.



Hi zak I was told by my nurse that not enough fluids will actually irritate your bladder too and 4 to 5 cups isn’t much I was told to drink at least 3 pints Xx

Hi zak_492

I was referred to continence nurse due to bladder weakness/urgency and was given some great advice that seems to have worked for me…limit the amount of caffeine you drink tea, coffee, fizzy pop etc as caffeine stimulates the bladder(as does smoking apparently)

My Neuro also told me that aspartame (the artificial sweetener used a lot in diet fizzy drinks) has been linked to bladder weakness.

The most important thing is do pelvic floor exercises, even men have to do these if you google it you’ll find out to do this correctly if your not sure hope this helps

Take Care