Bladder, men might understand

Hi everyone, I have a problem with retention so I have been self catheterising for about 4 years now. Because I have had issues of wetness at night i have been trying the Conveen sheaths at night. I used to get up about 3 or 4 times a night to catheterise, but occasionally it was too late.
I am continually feeling the need to urinate even if I have just catheterised. Testing for a UTI was negative and I have been on a low dose nitrofurantoin ( I had been on cephalexin in the past) to prevent it. Do you think it could be the Conveen sheath that has irritated my penis giving me the feeling of wanting to ‘go’? Would swapping back to the cephalexin be worth a try, I have a few left from before?
It is getting down with the constant feeling. I have been to the doctors but have had no luck. Another day like this would be dreadful.

Not sure if a help but Continence nurse advised against sheath system for myself when she noted that I had had multiple UTIs


I don’t know what age range you are but if you are mature, has your gp checked out your prostate? just a thought

Thanks for the replies. My continence nurse didn’t mention any problem with MS and the sheath, but I’ll look into that. I’m 50 and I’ve had the prostrate checked and that’s ok at the moment. I’ll have to cope somehow with it, maybe I’ll have a better night tonight.


I’ve been using Conveen sheaths for years, and also catheterising for almost as long. Using night bags was a massive blessing, and it didn’t take me long before my body realised I didn’t need to wake any more to have a pee : )

To be honest, I wouldn’t have thought it would be the sheath causing any irritation. That’s certainly never been the case for me, and I’ve never heard anyone else say that’s been a problem. How much fluid do you drink a day, and what do you drink? I know not drinking enough water can irritate the bladder, and also drinking too much caffeine can do the same thing too.