Hi I’ve been ISCing for about 18 months now (I’m female btw) and all has been fine but just lately I’ve been feeling like I want to wee a lot of the time; in particular just after I’ve used a catheter so I know it’s not due to incomplete emptying. I definitely don’t have an infection, I’ve tested my own urine many times and just to be sure, took a sample to my GPs which tested negative as expected. I’ve been using a catheter up to about 6 times a day - whenever I go without using one I fail to empty and want to go again within 20minutes. I wondered if I’m overusing catheters but when I’ve asked my MS nurse was told that I can use as many as I like, there shouldn’t be a problem. So, if I’m not overusing catheters and there’s no infection, what would be giving me the feeling like I want to go? Could it just be due to my faulty nerve signals? Or is it the type of catheters? I’m using Actreen Lite, they are a fairly rigid plastic which makes them easy to use but I wonder if they’re too hard? Ive just had the company who supply my catheters send me a different kind to try out - called HydroSil - they’re apparently made of silicon which might be better. But so far I’ve failed to use them, they’re really floppy so I’ve not been able to get the business end in the right place! What catheters do other women use? Has anyone experienced this kind of problem? Any ideas? Any insight would be much appreciated. Thanks Sue

Sorry I don’t know much about catheters but just wanted to ask how much you drink? I would imagine its probably down to the faulty nerve signals. Are you on any meds for your bladder?

Hiya Sue

Being a bloke I’m slightly different to you, Sue and I only have to use it once a week to stop infections. However, I have the symptoms that you mentioned. Using the catheter and minutes later wanting to go again. It has only happened once but I know how you feel. After many months (and I am still in this experiment!) it seems that I might have had urethritis. For blokes we have quite a few symptoms that we can look for but it seems that women don’t have any! But it can be treated by certain antibiotics.

Got a new ‘straw’ to try - don’t know which one yet until Tuesday.

Only an idea for you but who knows with good old MS.

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Hi Sue

I use Lofric catheters and they are excellent for me. I find them really easy to use.

They are also really soft so I don’t scratch myself when using them which I used to do when I used a different type a couple of years ago. Can’t remember the name sorry.

Shazzie xx

Thanks for your comments, I’ll have to look at urethritis. I’m also thinking that I’ll have to try another type of catheter, Lofric was one I’ve looked at so I’ll get some samples of that.