Hi all I posted yesterday and only had one reply which was really helpful but from a guy. I have increasingly worse urine retention and have to spend more than 20 mins trying to empty my bladder which causes worse pain in my legs and utter exhaustion. As a result I really think I need to do ISC. Can any girls let me know if they do this and how they get on? I would really appreciate any info and help on this, it is really getting me down. Teresa xx

Hi Teresa,

I’ve just answered your earlier post - sorry haven’t been n for a few days. Anyway the intermitant catheters have really worked well for me and so I wanted to let you know they really do help. It took me a long time to ask for help as I was so embarrassed but once I got over that and learnt how to use them then I wish I had done it much sooner.

(((((Hugs))))) Mary

Hi Teresa

I have been doing this for 2 years now. Once you get the hang of how to do it, it is really easy and so much quicker than sitting on the loo for all that time willing yourself to wee! Please get your nurse to refer you to the bladder people - it really will make such a difference.

I started of using a catheter once a day I now do one twice a day - morning and night. They are easy to use and although its a scary concept at first once you are used to it it will take you a couple of minutes to do and provide you with so much relief.

I get my catheters delivered every 2 months, they are small enough to have a couple stashed in your handbag and the brand I have are called hydrosil.

If there is anything more specific you want answered - please ask.

Good luck

Hayley xxx

Thanks so much girls. Did you both have to go through the whole urodynamics business in order to see if they felt you needed the ISC? I’ve already been down that route and don’t want to have to repeat it as it is no fun. I have also been shown how to use a catheter but that was several years ago and they decided that I didn’t need one as I wasn’t retaining much fluid then but things have changed. I’d be grateful if you can let me know what happened after you felt that you needed to use a catheter. Teresa xx

Hi Teresa, I have been doing isc for a year and a half, and i can assure you that the thought of it is much worse than actually doing it. The only thing i have found though, is that you need to research the differents brands of catheter and ask for samples, so that you can find the one that works for you. As to having the urodynamics done again, you may just need an ultra sound of you bladder, then they get you to go to the loo, and scan you again, then they can measure how much urine is left in your bladder. They will need this information to work out how many times each day you need to do isc, hope this is helpful, pm me if you have any more questions, love Bex xx

Thank you Bex, I hope I don’t have to do the urodynamics again! Teresa xx

Hi Teresa,

I did the urodynamics thing when I had a major relapse 4 years ago, but did not have to do it again when I needed to finally access ISC, so I wouldn’t worry on that score if I were you. The incontinence nurse will just talk you though the various types ans mine offered me samples to see which suited me the most.

BW, Mary

Thanks Mary, I hope I will be the same. Did the incontinence nurse show you how to catheterise? Teresa xx

Stick with it Teresa, I had major problems at the beginning and had to ask for help on here but now I manage just fine; it’s cut down my infections too. Except when I completely forgot the hygeine rules and ended up with a bad infection won’t do that again (I hope)!

Good luck I hope you are able to manage it ok.


Hi Teresa,

Good luck with this plan. I self catheterise and it is as easy as pie after a while. It is never a good idea sitting on the loo for ever, and putting pressure on the bladder.

Best wishes,


Thanks Wendy and Moira. I’ve got to see the GP and get things the ball rolling. I really think I need to do it though as my life is pretty miserable atm. I hope it doesn’t take too long to get set up. Teresa xx

Hi Teresa

Yes don’t worry the nurse will show you how to do it - it involves a mirrow to help at first but once you’ve done it yourself a few times it becomes easier to manage and the relief is tremendous. If you let your GP know how much you are suffering with retention they will want to get it sorted very quickly to avoid bladder and kidney problems. Believe me your life will improve once you have mastered this. Plus if you are like me you it might be an intermittent thing but I keep a couple with me when I go out even if my bladder has returned to normal functioning because I never know when it is going to stop functioning. But knowing I am not going to suffer really dooes help regain some normality.

BW, Mary

Hi teresa, Im sorry but I cant offer any advice about ISC, as i`ve never done it. But I just want to say that I hope you soon frind some relief from this awful, exhausting problem. You are always one of the first to reply to me. Thankyou for that hun.

luv Pollx

Thanks for that, i have put a thread on today as my bladder decided that last monday, it would simply stop working completley! I am mid relapse at mo but this wasnt the start of problems and has just suddenly started. I am ISC at mo and waiting for a continance nurse to get in touch after moaning and moaning at my MS Nurse as she is useless with a capital U. I have never had these problems really and been diagnosed 7 yrs, Have quite a few UTI’s but never has my bladder just stopped working completely! I am so upset and gutted by this i really am, Glad to see so many people do do it tho as i feel completely alone at mo :frowning: xx