Hi all, I wonder if anyone who does ISC can help me please? I am suffering so badly now with urine retention that it takes me at least 20 mins each time I have to empty my bladder. This is really not helping my legs and is exhausting me. Therefore, I think I need to go down the ISC route. I really don’t want to but I think I have no choice. I’m virtually housebound atm and the whole situation is making me very low. Any advice or info on this would be much appreciated. Teresa xx

Hi Teresa

I know what you mean about not wanting to - I resisted for a long time when it was first mentioned to me. I finally had no choice, and I wish I’d started earlier. Obviously I’m a fella, so don’t know how different it is between men & woman, but it was a doddle to do, and not in the slightest bit painful - I remember being surprised at how little I felt. And it was great knowing that I wouldn’t need to go to the toilet for a few hours afterwards. The catheters get delivered to my home every month.

Ask to be referred to a continence nurse and they’ll be able to help more.


Thanks Dan You make it sound less of a problem. Teresa xx


Hi Teresa,

Yes this can be a real problem and a lot of us try to cope with this for a long time before we seek help. I went through the continence nurse route eventually as like you I was at my wits end. I now use an intermitant catheter to empty my bladder fully and the relief is amazing. I don’t have to use them all the time as the problem comes and goes but the catheters do help. The catherters are small and discret and easy to take out with you. They take a bit of getting use to but once you do - you get your life back. I’d certainly recommend you get in touch with your GP or MS nurse and get a continence nurse to come to talk to you.

Hope this helps as I know how difficult this can be.

((((Hugs)))) Mary