Body worn urinal - for men

Continence nurse arranged samples of Bullens Acti Brief and Uri Brief products. Tried the first one today. Cant believe it leaked very badly barely a couple of hours into use, with probably less than 250 ml in bag as I went over a style to enter the woods next to my house. Very insecure means of enclosure round the penis - opening seems rather big . No way I can trust this at work. Also crinkly plastic which I can hear when moving. The other product doesnt look likely to be any better. Anything better out there?


I’m pretty certain I’ve mentioned this to you before, but I always recommend sheaths & leg bags/night bags. I hardly ever have a problem with them, and you can get them on free prescription. There’s more info about them here - Discreet products for male bladder incontinence

They do free samples too - Conveen® Optima sheath, Standard length

Did your nurse say anything about them?


Yes thanks Dan, I thought I was going to get same or similar after taking up your suggestion when I was figuring out how to manage on a holiday abroad. My referral came too late for that holiday as the first continence nurse I saw only dealt with pads ( for some unfathomable reason I was referred to a clinic that normally sees women). The next specialist, I now realise was a ‘rep’ as much a continence nurse and she saw me at home two weeks ago. Surprisingly, she arrived without bringing any samples or literature (even without my notes, but took a history). I stressed that I was after reliability and undetectability before anything and mentioned that my work posed some particular challenges to this. She said she would arrange for some samples to be sent to try but I really had no idea what would arrive until they were delivered on Thursday by courier. Now I cant imagine how what I received can be considered secure and reliable. However, she did say that if I wasn’t satisfied, she had a few other options she would send. Think I’ll ask her outright if she can supply the one you recommend.

I recently started using the Coloplast system Dan recommends. (He may have recommended it to me, in the first place). I’ve been using it for a month. Had an initial problem when I used the wrong ( too large) sheath, but now very easy to use with confidence - no ‘accidents’ now. Freedom!


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Hi John, glad you’re getting on well with it. It was such a blessing when I started on it. Freedom’s a good word for it, as I was no longer chained to being near a toilet all the time : )


Been trialling a sheath system for a few days now.(Manfred Sauer kit) No problems with leaks. Just one issue really - getting the thing off. I have been given a spray to help release the adhesive but it still seems to be tricky to remove without discomfort and need to carefully disentangle from body hair. Also find the end pops out even with long shorts.

Sounds like you need ‘waxing’ MrBob!!! - Or a ‘short back and sides’. All possible. And now the cooler weather is here - you will not be needing the shorts. Long socks to tuck it in - is that an idea!

Love Manfred Sauer products - have been using them for about 25yrs. Designed by and for disabled people - so they know exactly what the difficulties are. They also employ mostly disabled people. lf you contact them they will always help.

With the Conveen Optima sheath, while it’s perfectly secure & has never come off accidentally, it peels off easily without the need for any other product. Don’t know if there’s a difference in length of the sheaths, but as long as I’m careful putting it on, there’s no problems with any, er, foliage : )


Never understood how anyone could willingly submit to a waxing without being ‘put under’ first! Makes my eyes water just to think about it. Definitely opting for the hair trim but will buy a decent pair of scissors rather than use a razor as I dont want to end up with stubble. I guess I could use socks if it came with a long enough tube but not as it.sits right up on the thigh.