Body worn urinals

Hello Brothers & Sisters Does anyone have tried Jade Euro med Body worn appliances Can you tell your experiences [link removed by moderator] Kind Regards

I did try one for a very short time - it was hopeless, but then there are probably so many different designs. The one I was given to try was like a plastic cone which was supposed to collect the urine with a hole at the top to fit the willy in. I know that in a matter of minutes it leaked badly just from climbing stairs (two at a time). There was no way I was going to place my confidence in that at work. I guess if I was seriously disabled and just managing to shuffle along without generating a tsunami to slosh about in the container, it would have been more reliable. Also tried a self adhering condom catheter with leg bag but got fed up with the discomfort and time spent trying to extricate my pubic hair from the glue when taking it off, also the time it took to put on. At least with a pad it only takes seconds and I can get up for work at the last minute.