Waterproof Mattress Protector

Hi all,

I’m looking for a waterproof mattress protector for my bed. Would prefer in cotton, and dont want that plasticiy feel, should be comfortable under my bed sheets. Will be buying online as our local stores dont have much choice.

Can anybody recommend a decent one, seen some in marks and spencers website around £45 but not sure what they are like. anybody have a good one, recommendations welcome.

Thank you

I saw some in Wilkinson’s recently and they have an online store. Can’t remember price but it was cheap.

Pat x

What about washable bed pads, usually available in different absorbencies e.g. 2 or 3 litre. They have a waterproof backing e.g. vinyl and a fabric top.

Seem to remember things called ’ kylie’ sheets from my adult nursing days! Just had a quick look on eBay and about £20-£25. Think that’s maybe what previous was referring to. Cover a large enough area of bed, highly absorbent and comfortable to sleep on. Can get for chairs too.

Hi :slight_smile: I bought a waterproof one from Argos. It is a terrys and feels nice to sleep on. It doesn’t crinkle or feel plasticy. It has great reviews which is why I bought it and I am not dissapointed at all. Here is the link (hopefully lol)|category_root|Home+and+furniture|14417894/c_2/2|14417894|Bedding+and+electric+blankets|14417895/c_3/3|cat_14417895|Pillow+and+mattress+protectors|14417918.htm Amanda x

P.s forgot to add they are on offer at the moment! X

We got a quilted one from Debenhams. Can’t remember how much it was but I think it was cheaper than the M&S one.


Hi, got 2 on my bed, as i discovered 1 didnt hold a full bladders worth!

The under one is just plastic, the over one has a terry top, nylon sides and a waterprooof backing. Even then I use bed squares, which are also supposed to be waterproof.

Talk about belt & braces.

I got all my paraphanalia on e bay.

luv Pollx

I got some from Dunelm that did not feel plasticky at all, Use them on all the beds, helps stop spilt cups of tea (for me) soaking through and avoids the dreaded wet mattresses with the kids.

This one is good and can be tumble dried±Mattress-Protector-with-Waterproof-Sides-c68.htm

Not sure if they have any but I got my mattress from them and I have been satisfied, they do have accessories as well .

I agree with most of the above, I have used various different ones but…they make my overheating problem extreme and have had to be abandoned.

Just wanted to update the earlier link as it has now changed and is [removed by admin - PM author] These are waterproof and breathable so shouldn’t make you too hot