Need some help to choose a right mattress

How to choose the right mattress size and which mattress brand is the best? I need help, please.

Hi @Rorarie, welcome. I think choosing a mattress is a very personal thing and will depend on factors such as preference of comfort rating (ie soft/medium/firm) and of course the price, which can range from 100’s to 1000’s.

I would say on balance it’s better to choose a ‘known brand’ rather than one that nobody has heard of, but other than that it really is best to go to the shop and try them out (if you can). Many shops have a 60 or 100 night tryout period now, where you can test it out for at least 3 months and then return it if you’re not happy with it. Just make sure you use a mattress protector, otherwise they aren’t obliged to take it back.

Happy hunting!

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I’m just looking for an electric bed and am researching mattresses.
One company has a mattress that analyses how you sleep…only found it yesterday. Then lets you know which would be the best mattress.

It’s called sleepPRO by a bed company that has the same beginning name as the big clock tower at Westminster. Then sons. Has a good section on which mattress to buy.
Other bed companies are available!!

Worth a try.

Hi, I get my bed and mattresses via the district nurses. That’s because I am immobile and spend a lot of time in bed and need pressure care.
Would this apply to you?